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Oct 8, 2012 6:00pm EDT
between romney and president obama are in a dead heat. >> a poll taken after last week's debate shows running getting a bounce in the polls. that same gallup poll shows that voters thought overwhelmingly romney won that debate, the biggest debate when ever recorded by gallup. republican presidential candidate mitt romney tipperary break -- took a rare break talking about the economy and slammed the policy in the middle east. >> it is clear the conflict is higher now than when the president took office. >> trying to seize on the president's handling of last month's attack in libya. >> i know the president hopes for a safer freer, and more prosperous middle east, allied with us. i share this hope. but hope is not a strategy. >> the candidate went to an impromptu third stop after 100 middle school kids waved at his motorcade. romney's numbers are up and they appeared to be tied. the president continued his california fund-raising swing which is expected to bring in $10 million over two days. the president attended a dedication to the cesar chavez national monument. >> our world is a bett
Oct 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
big debate. as mitt romney tries to capitalize on some good polling numbers, the president is giving us a preview of what to expect the next time he faces his challenger. our senior political reporter is in the newsroom with the latest. >> but keep in mind this race is constantly in a state of flux. in the past week, we seen a debate and employment rates and new poll numbers all with a perceived momentum shift. today, you saw both candidates deliver the next big punch. >> emerging today with new music and new pact in his step, he has reason to feel confident based on new polls. >> he might think what are you going to do to make things turn around that fast question mark number one, electing someone who cares about the economy and understands it will create enthusiasm in america. >> he wants to build on that energy in danville, kentucky where paul ryan arrived today and will debate the vice president joe biden tomorrow. but joe biden has been here before many times and knows how to work the crowd. >> can i call you go? >> the president is anxious for his next try even his supp
Oct 12, 2012 6:00pm EDT
, there is a different feel romney campaign today. re definitely is. been calling him for the closely since last year. there is definitely a different feel. the mason-dixon poll has them up da and up to inri virginia. uee nose at those are tr certainlybut they changed -- who knows if those are true numbers, but they certainly changed the tone. romney has a comfortable sense of optimism. live music from hank williams' today, bigger signs and gital billboards play a few od biography. >> i am very excited. ot of people are on.hing i see these obama rallies and they're chanting of a " four more years." we're thinking four more weeks. >> the momentum should go after night's exchange, particularly due to vice biden's expressive tactics. was a dishonor to his office. i am so glad he kept his cool even though he was interrupted 87 times. embarrassing. t fix washington from the inside. t from thely do i outside. we will give him that chance. >> i find it ironic today that he is campaigning across the street and a local business that provides a wheelchair accessible vehicles. work with him as legislators to he
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3